Captivating sights with exquisite scholar Osazee

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Oh, I am a fun person, I am a fun person; I hear this quite often from people but yet they never leave the four walls of their rooms.

Today, we have a great scholar who has been able to separate between studies and having fun. I particularly love the fact that she knows how to find interesting places and enjoy the moment. Lets find out the nice places😀.

Hi Scholar Osazee, you look stunning. Thank you for honouring our invite.

Wow, glad to be here. I was glad to know that you want to show the fun part of winning a scholarship and being a scholar as well.

Yesssss, and I am sure you have interesting views from the places you have visited for us?

Yes I do, I visited Parris, Croatia, New York and some other interesting places and I must say they are beautiful places to be.

Oh my God, you visited Paris?😮😮😮; that is one of the places I will love to visit. I can’t wait to see these amazing places.

Wow, nice to know that you will love to visit Paris, I am certain that you will enjoy yourself there. Here are the places I visited and I am glad honournaija_blog is documenting this, this program will inspire scholarship applicants.

Awwwn, thank you Ma. Drum rolls Drum rolls; let see some exquisite pictures.









New York



Author’s Desk

Wow, these are nice places to see. Dear Scholarship applicants, just incase you find yourself in any of these countries, you have the right places here to visit.

Thank you scholar Osazee for sharing your fun-filled part of studying abroad with us.

Enjoy the READ.




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