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“Your attitude determines your altitude”, this is one of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar. Growing up as a child, it was one of the guide that pulled me through my formative process.

The world is in chaos because quite often, the forerunners of the system are zealous and intelligent but the ingredients to sustain these system is lacking (character). This has put nations, cities and the local sector in jeopardy.

This is not far-fetched in the academic world. Is life not more than winning a scholarship? Oh, dear scholar; when you speak, do you speak wisdom or arrogance?

Becoming a scholar is beyond winning a scholarship but rather building character and treating people right. Scholarship is a platform that opens you more to people but relationship building requires empathy and love.!!

What qualifies you as a scholar is not intelligence in the classroom but a combination of intelligence and a strength of character fetches you that name ” scholar”.

Are you disciplined? Are you open-minded? Are you compassionate? What are your choice of words when you are angry and upset? Do you love people genuinely? Are you egoistic? Are your proud? Do you delay judgement? How understanding are you?

Making a radical change in your sphere of influence in the academic world will not only require your mental capacity or knowledge on the subject matter BUT how you manage people’s minds and emotions.

Building a strength of character takes time and unlearning the survival tactics we have developed over the time. Beyond being called a scholar in respect to book; lets be scholars in words and deeds.!!

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