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Beyond New Year Resolutions; LIVE.!

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Starting the new year with several resolutions is not a news anymore. The eagerness and excitement to start the new year on a clean slate is always in the air however, we most times forget to incorporate the discipline that comes with living our lives beyond the resolutions that could birth limits to our lives.

To live means to be in the moment and taking charge of the moments each day we wake up. While brushing your teeth, you are paying attention to the colour of your foam the way the brush moves across your teeth; while bathing, you are paying attention to the feel of the water in your body; while eating you are paying attention to how the food goes down your throat; while stepping out of the house to work, you are paying attention to the freshness of the air around you and the list goes one.

In 2024, I know you have set your goals and resolutions but much more than that, it is expedient to LIVE. Take charge of the moments that the bigger world trivialise.  The moments are the ingredients that make life fascinating. They are the compass that holds the soul together, they are the bedrock of living a purposeful life.


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