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Growing up as a child,  I always desired to be greatness, exploit all that I am and gifts within. I thought greatness was buying cars and houses. Upon my entering into the university, I restructured my mind and I discovered that you cannot sustain what you have not become. I needed to become what I desire to have within, however it is a process.

I was discussing with a senior colleague and he asked me, do I see myself as a scholar or I am waiting to win a scholarship before I walk into that awareness of being a scholar? This struck a chord in me.

Quite a lot of people mess up both in character and in learning when they win a scholarship and get into graduate school. This is because the have not become a scholar within before having it hence, it can’t be sustained.

Becoming a scholar within is building inner capacity and character that will sustain your academic excellence in the academic ecosystem.

How you see yourself while still applying for a scholarship will determine to a great extent of how resolute you will be to aim high and subdue the adversaries that comes with graduate school.

Becoming a scholar within also means not being intimidated and limited. Yes, you might not have won a scholarship yet but that do not define you. What defines you is YOU.

Picture yourself as a scholar, think like a scholar, walk like a scholar, see yourself in that your desired school, see yourself winning a scholarship. This will help you push further into leveraging on opportunities and eventually getting your desired result.

How do you see yourself dear applicants? Become a scholar within first before winning a scholarship.!!

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