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aWallForAll- lets solve your puzzles

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Huge puzzles it is, at a time I was like…okay, now it’s about building wall😀. Which wall? Am I going to carry blocks and cements🙄? The puzzles has been banging in my head and finally my puzzles have been solved.!💃

Just like me, we have questions on what aWallForAll is; here are the solutions to your puzzles.

1. I’ve been hearing of aWallforAll, can you tell me more about it?

We’re building up aWallforAll (a communal space) and sharing aLoveForAll.

We believe that a wall signifies safety, in love there’s safety, and above all, God is love. We want to open the eyes of youths to see how much they can rely on God (the true wall) to unleash their super power and achieve greatness; and that there’s enough love to go all around.

2. How do you want to build aWallforAll?

The Àrà hub is flanked by a big community where we discovered a lot of youths are unaware of their potentials and greatness.

Together with the youths and teenagers within and outside the community, we would be transforming a wall in the community to a beautiful background where everyone can take pictures and be reminded they have a pillar of support in God, and if the walls can be transformed, then much more works can be done in their lives – a super transformation. We want to revive hope, inform/remind them of God’s love and unleash the creativity and problem solving skills in them through the event and the wall.

📌 How can we support this cause?

Every form of support that you can ever think of is welcomed.
However, you could do one or more of the following:

📌 Consciously and consistently share our graphic designs and posts across all social media and use the following tags: #aWallForAll #aLoveForAll #araNation #arahub

📌Another way is to volunteer. We have various capacities in which you can volunteer for the event, one of which is content creation and graphics design, among others. Reach out to us to volunteer today. There’s so much you can do.
It’s a community project, and together we achieve greatness.

📌 Sponsor a Youth: If you can, why not? You could enrol a young person into any of our courses at the hub, this way you help us sustain the goal of the event, one step further.

📌Buy A Shirt: Let’s build up together, the shirt is a publicity tool, and a reminder for every time it’s being worn. It’s a sustainable model for the event. Interestingly, any profit amassed from the sales of the shirt also goes into the event’s budget.

📌 Financially: All forms of financial support is welcome. It’s a free event yet it’s capital intensive. We’re not charging anyone for anything, but we would definitely appreciate all forms of sponsorship and funding.

📌 Finally, PRAY for us, PRAY with us.
…and remember, together we achieve greatness.



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