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Attitudes that should end with 2020

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🌺The attitude of not removing the log of wood in your eyes before removing the speck in another person’s eyes.

🌺The attitude of neglecting God and failing to acknowledging him before embarking on a thing.

🌺The attitude of not keeping fit by exercising .

🌺The attitude of not praying before sleeping and not praying after waking up.

🌺The attitude of not praying and studying the bible in the morning before pressing your phone.

🌺The attitude of not honouring invitations for events.

🌺The attitude of not learning new things and engaging in self development.

🌺The attitude of drinking, smoking, clubbing and womanizing.

🌺The attitude of not attending church.

🌺The attitude of keeping grudges.

🌺The attitude of gossiping and backbiting.

🌺The attitude of laziness.

🌺The attitude of procastination.

🌺The attitude of low self esteem.

🌺The attitude of not investing and spending more and not giving.

🌺The attitude of disobedience to God, parents and spiritual leaders.

🌺The attitude of not been consistent and persistence with what you do.

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