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On this fateful day, I was going to visit a friend, she had described how I will get to her place but somehow, I forgot the description. I took the bold step to still go ahead as I was walking down her street with no clue of where I should stop.

To worsen my situation, I came to a “T” junction where I stood still. I was asking myself, should I turn left, right or move forward. I dialed her number severally to no avail. Everyone I asked on the road if they knew her said NO. It was getting quite uncomforting as I was standing in the sun.

This is the situation of most scholarship applicants and those in graduate school. At that cross road where you do not know where or who to turn to, what are your options? Life pressures are there, school pressures are overwhelming, your work is in jeopardy and your relationship is failing not to talk about health and finances.

It is enough to know the direction to take but who is leading you in that direction is very important. At the “T” junction, whose number do you call? Well for me, the number I call is GOD.

God offers clarity on your journey, he is the only one that will not confuse you. He is the only one that you know even after many rejection emails….he can still give you numerous YES.!!

At your “T” junction, STICK WITH HIM.!!

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