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Age is not a barrier to learning and been innovation. We have a mother in the house today whose innovative skills as an entrepreneur speaks grace and beauty. Join me to welcome her on board.

You are most welcome ma. Can we meet you?

I am delighted to be your guest honournaija_blog. My name is Paul Elizabeth, I am from delta state. My hobbies are: working,I really love working, I love talking very much too. The name of my brand is ABALIZ which is a combination of my husband’s name and my name. The brand is a soap making small business(not only soap though, but soap making is the major). My husband makes them and I market and sell.

Wawu, a very supportive man you’ve got. How long have you been an entrepreneur ma?

I’ve been an entrepreneur as long as I can remember. Maybe 10 or less. That was when I lost my mom and leaving with grandma, I had to help out with things. So I started selling groundnut, sometimes fish in front of the house so I could get little change to buy my own cream and others.

Lovely. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur ma?

What inspired me was suffering, just wanted to be able to take at least one meal per day and also get myself something’s without troubling my poor grandma.

A very thoughtful one ma. Being an entrepreneur, can you say it has brought fulfillment to you?

Yes, being an entrepreneur has brought fulfillment to me(though not everything I imagined yet) from a small groundnut stall to selling roasted fish, switching to small of bend down select, now I own two schools and have side businesses like; poultry( not big though ) and soap making. From all this at least, I have two graduates, some still in school and we are always feeding. So, am still in the process.

Industrious woman you are ma. What problem are you solving with your skill?

My brand/business provides detergents to help in our day-to-day cleaning of the house, church, schools, hospitals and so on. Also it’s provides skincare products like soaps& creams, also haircare treatments like anti dandruff cream, also air freshener just for a good home hygiene and personal self care. Also training of individual who are ready to learn.

Fascinating. What has been the major challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur?

The major challenge I have faced so far are lack of enough funds to enlarge the business,  people looking down on the business because of the state of the business and also lack of good packaging because of funds.

Opps. Don’t feel discouraged ma. what strategy (ies) did you employ to overcome the challenges?

I wouldn’t really say I’ve totally overcome this challenges but I’ve able to draw out plans for the business to grow more such as improving the packaging of my products, changing my target audience and Engaging in e-marketing.

Smiles, I love your strategies mummy. Can you say your customers have derived maximum satisfaction thus far from your services?

Yes I can boldly say that my customers derive maximum satisfaction from my services.

Great one. Where do you see your business in the next 10year?

In ten years time, I can see this business just the way I’ve imagined and dreamt that it should be. Getting new ideas to develop my business and knowing that the society need and want, when they want it and how is the major reason I sent my children to different fields of study, bringing those ideas together would give us a great push.

Mummy😘. What is your advice for younger ones that would want to take up your line of business?

My advice is that they should make sure you know about the business well before diving into it. Be determined, even when it’s not looking good yet and be prayerful.

Wow😍😍😍, typical of a mother….she included the praying factor. I love you ma. Thank you for coming.


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