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A WALL FOR ALL- a purposeful gathering

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Good news!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Super excited to be collaborating with ARA CRAFTS HUB to build this GREAT WALLπŸ’₯πŸ’₯

What led to this vision??

We want to tell you about Favour, a thirteen year old boy who is one of our interns. His parents enrolled him in Ara Crafts last year just before we moved to our new HUB in Best Way area, Iwo road, Ibadan.

His mum’s concern was that he’s such an energetic child and she’d love to channel that energy right so the vices don’t take a hold of him.

We never knew how much his mind had been transformed since he joined Ara Crafts hub ~ _learning how we use creativity in crafting our customer’s imagination to life_ ~ until some weeks ago when his mother thanked us wholeheartedly saying “Thank you Ara Crafts Hub, my boy is now a man”.

Not only has Favour’s energy been channeled right, he’s now making money from his skills and he’s also making impact by teaching others what he knows. He handled a group in our last training at an Orphanage home where he taught paper crafts and bottle crafts.

Many more success stories we’ve seen in the life of our interns and we absolutely want to do more!

We’re extending our impacts to our host neighborhood starting with an upcoming event tagged “A Wall For All”.Β Over to you honournaija_blogπŸ˜€.

Thank you mama ARA CRAFTS HUB, I will love to shed some lights.

Okay, we are not building wall with cement and blocks, we are building walls for children and youths to showcase their talents and gifts. We are giving them a pillar to stand on, a privilege to be known and know. Also, an avenue to show that God’s love isΒ MOST SATISFYING. I will love to intimate you on the days and activities for each day:

July 23rd:* – _Simply games_ …This is really just to get them very involved, wetting their appetite for the main event.
For this day, it is not compulsory we are all present. It is a day to set the time for what is really coming up the next day.

July 24th:* _The main event_ … This is the day the wall painting will happen along side the talk shows and other activities.

The major message of A WALL FOR ALL are:

1. Safety being available in God’s love

2. We are all creatives. We must discover our gift and use it to solve problems around us.

3. How education is not just about the information acquired but how those information make us a better person and how we use it in solving daily problems.

Massive and purposeful gathering it is. We love you.

PS: if you want anyone to participate in this, kindly send a DM to 08147944685 and 810 592 1774.



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