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We all got exicted when a 24 years old music artist, Stephen jesimiel realised a snippet of his soon to be released single titled “Home

Just the intro got us all buzzing about this new sound which isn’t very much popular in Nigeria.
We sat with Stephen in an exclusive interview to get him to tell us about this new ground he is treading …

Here was what we found out…

Stephen spoke on the title “HOME” explaining he was inspired by a Russian producer with the name “Kosikk” …He said “I was working on a different project at that time , but in my search to uncover new music I found Kosikk…

He went on to describe Kosikk…as one of the most talented producers on the face of the Earth….

When asked concerning the Title “Home”…He reacted with “Home is but one track on a 4-5 track EP he stated…. describing Home as a Psychedelic sound which he had come to fall in love with in the recent years…with inspiration from cold play, son lux, ajr, Jon Bellion and more Stephen stated “Home was describing a place I could be myself…a genre I could enjoy making….he went on to to also state “it also shows the love we all have towards a person we have come to love, as when we love…home becomes where that certain person is…

With beautiful lyrics, drown in reverb …we could not but take notice of a lyrics which stated ”
I dream of a life without you here, and I see a universe so small”

With powerful lyrics, beautiful vocals, and an amazing beat it’s no surprise fans can’twait for the release of the Track….

Stephen jesimiel officially stated ” the track will be released on the 28th of June 2019…he also added, thanks to my girlfriend who heard it and asked me to release it, cause in his words …am shy about people listening to my work…

Stephen took time to hail the cover artist who designed the cover art of the track saying “Deji aka Somebody_from_your_village is probably the most talented concept artist in the world.

“I have always been amazed at his art and when we had the chance to work together , the chemistry was awesome…he was patient, understanding and wonderful…I had explained the concept of what I wanted, but he took it to a whole different level…” Stephen said.

At the end Stephen cracks a joke saying ” I don’t have a manly vocal so I hope you are all ready to hear a 5 year old vocal screaming for 3mins”

While Stephen jesimiel seems to crack alot of jokes about his music he ask fans to go listen, share, support and be kind to one another…

Home comes out 28th June 2019
For steaming on SoundCloud and download…follow Stephen jesimiel on IG @stephenjesimielmusic ….

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