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A lawmaker encourages sellers to serve warm beer to reduce alcoholism

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     A Mexican lawmaker has suggested that in order to curb alcohol consumption, sellers should serve the drink warm, thus it becomes mandatory for consumers to go home and refrigerate it.

   The lawmaker proposed the measure, limiting the sale of cold beer to curb alcohol consumption. This has instigated angry and mocking reactions from people online.

   “If the beer isn’t refrigerated, you will be forced to bring it home, put it in the fridge and drink it at home,” explained Maria de Lourdes Paz, a member of Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s left-leaning Morena party.

    Most young drinkers buy alcohol while out with friends, going to one of the many small shops in the mega-city that sell refrigerated drinks.

    The bill proposes requiring such businesses to keep beverages with alcohol content higher than seven percent at “room temperature,” by storing them outside the refrigerator.

   The potential of drinking a warm beer, while the Mexican capital suffers a heat wave, sent residents bubbling over with frustration.

   “This decision has me hot under the collar,” joked one internet user.

  “How can you want to ban cold beer but allow marijuana?” demanded another on social media.

    As the reactions came to a head, Morena lawmakers promised to “revise” the bill without modifying “the objective.”

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