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Creativity is the core of excellence. I am a fan of creative stuffs and we can attest to it that YouTube is a platform for creative exploration, adding values to lives. Today, we have a YouTube influencer in out midst. A lady of grace and value. Join me as I welcome her.

Welcome on board ma. Can we meet you ma??

Thank you very much ma. My name is Paul Favour, I graduated from Redeemers University with a discipline in English Literature. I am a YouTube influencer. The name of my brand is AlonewithPaulFavour. I love writing, reading,  dancing and cooking.

Great. How long have you been an entrepreneur??

I will say a year ago officially.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

My mum and other women around me inspired me to be an entrepreneur. I was awed at seeing great women do so much exploits and amazing things, they don’t wait for any man before they set their footprints. This greatly inspired me. My mum managed a poultry, a farm alongside two schools. All these just inspired me to become an entrepreneur and build myself.

Impressive. Being an entrepreneur, has it brought fulfillment to you?

Yes, it has brought fulfilment to me. I feel satisfied with what I do.

What kind of problems do you solve with your skills?

I am reaching people with different kind of information. My videos are funny and it makes people laugh. So I will say I am easing anxiety and worry in people.

Lol, interesting. What has been your major challenges as an entrepreneur?

I will say finance and workmanship. For instance, after the covid lockdown, I couldn’t access my cameraman and unfortunately I don’t have a good phone as well. This made it quite difficult to get my videos on track

I can imagine. So how were you able to overcome the challenges?

Well, I am reaching my friends that have good phones to help me with my videos and all. It has been amazing and exciting as my videos gets better and fascinating.


Wow, can you say your customers are satisfied by your services? 

Oh my God, they are. I have a lot of positive feedbacks from people and people are always eager to see my new video drop.

Great. In the next 10 years, where do you see your business?

Wow, in the next 10years..I will have my own Tv station, employ people, have different sections for shows and all.

Clarity.! What is your advice for younger ones that would want to take up your line of business?

I will say its not something that you rush into and don’t go into it because of money but passion and fun. When the money starts coming in, then its a bonus.

A great interview with you ma. Thank you ma for coming.!


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