Handling Societal Pressure as a Scholarship Applicant

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“Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise”- Kobe Bryant. This is the watchword for champions in the midst of pressures that comes with rising and excelling.

The collective pressures you experience in daily life, such as peer pressure, academic pressure, and socioeconomic pressure, are referred to as social pressures.

The National Institutes of Health claim that social pressure does have an impact on how people behave. Many people have a propensity to adopt the habits of those who are in their social circles or around them; habits turn into choices, and the decisions we make in life affect our results.

It is quite expedient to learn how to handle societal pressure as a scholarship applicants. This will foster having a peace of mind to concentrate on application processes.

Below are two ways to handle societal pressures.

  • Make yourself immune to doubters: No one is 100% immune to social pressure, thus you will undoubtedly encounter situations where you wonder if your friends/family was right to predict the failure of your academic journey. You need to arm yourself against these attacks by finding anything that counters their doubts and inspires you to pursue your goals. This may be a book, a YouTube video, or some of your like-minded friends.


  • Visualize: To motivate yourself, even more, you need to visualize yourself in the position you want to be. Imagine waking up every morning and being enthusiastic about your applications, getting on your system to send cold mails and picturing yourself as a graduate student already. It is also important to work with friends who believes in you and can visualize you as a graduate student.

Societal pressure is inevitable but building immune against it will mould you into aiming high to achieve your set goals. You need all concentration to weather the pressure and press on.

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