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As a growing child, one of many passion was reading and writing stories. My spiritual parents always give me some books to read and grow in knowledge, one of the atmosphere that birth my reading and writing skills.

In 2017, when I was in 300l, I was writing for Beautyshell, a blog that promotes natural hair and body products. That also improved my skill. During this road, I decided to start my blog. With the help of a friend, I started my own blog then.

There is so much to blogging that I was oblivious about. It was easy for me to recognize my passion but the technical-knowhow was also a key factor that was limiting me. My first blog name was Dailysiren.news. I used the name for awhile but I was not contented with the result. Why? Because in blogging, it is important for Google to recognize your blog site and this I lack as a beginner.

In 2019, I changed from Dailysiren.news to garrmusic.com 😚. The name was recognized by Google but it was confusing people. How? Because of the name, alot of people assumed that my blog is about music which actually it was not. I was posting about Nigerian news and also I was dissatisfied. I knew that is not SOLVING problem.

As the year 2019 was rounding up, I looked inward and I asked myself honest questions. Boom, the reflection of God came on me and I decided to have a change of name that conveys proper message to people and to create my niche.

On January 3rd, 2020 I officially launched my blog name which is recognized by Google and I focused on my niche. My niche is giving Entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their business and bringing the Educational system closer to you.

I didn’t venture into blogging because I wanted quick money and of course, blogging is a LONG TERM MONEY GOAL!! I started blogging because that is my passion and to use my writing skills to solve problems.

Thank you for been part of my journey.

We soar..!!!!!

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