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Opps.!! An exclusive personality we have here. A social media influencer. A serial entrepreneur and a massive one at that. Join me to welcome him.

A super welcome sir. Can we meet you?

Thank you very much honournaija_blog. My name is Quadril Opeyemi, from Ogun State. I am a graduate of Olabisi Onabajo University, I studied Botany. My hobbies are reading, travelling and solving problems. I am a corpreneur.ng. It is a fintech platform however I have other side business too.

Wow, great. How long have you been an entrepreneur? 

I have been an entrepreneur since 2013 back then in school. My pocket money was not enough and I wanted more. So I met a guy in school and he assisted me in my entrepreneurship journey. I built my customer system and that was it.


Great. What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

Well, I would say my mum inspired me to be an entrepreneur. I grew up to know her as an entrepreneur. She is a government worker. She was also into other businesses and this inspired me to start my phone and gadget business. My friends too helped me. I do tell people, your friends determines your level of growth.

Value adding friends you’ve got. Being an entrepreneur, can you say it has brought fulfillment your way?

Yes, it has brought fulfillment. Though I am still an upcoming an entrepreneur but then I love it when you have entrepreneurial spirit and you are getting more money legally.


True. What problems are you solving with your skills?

I am a marketing specialist. I study your business and see how you can get into the market and make more sales. Through this, I make your business easier.

Excellent. What are the challenges you have faced as an entrepremployed 

Well, there has been a lot of journey along the journey. From satisfying clients to wining them over and making them trust you as well.

What strategies have you employed to overcome the challenges?

In tech and entrepreneurship, what has worked for me is MVP-Minimum valued product. Start small and kick off with a good brand. Also, I do ask myself what is the best thing that can happen if I go ahead and what is the worst thing that can happen if I don’t go ahead. I weigh my options and I tackle the problem.

Lovely. Can you say your customers have derived maximum satisfaction from your services?

Yes, very well. They have maximum great satisfaction from my services.

Splendid. Where do you see your business in the next 10 years?.

I see my business competing internationally and compete with flutter wave and all.

Nice vision sir. What is your advice for younger ones that would want to take up your line of business?

My advice is they should start from somewhere. The worst thing that can happen is not tying at all. Start with your friends and family an also work with successful people in your line of career.

It has been a great day sir.!! I celebrate you solidly. Thank you for coming.



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