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Sitting infront of the interviewer was enough to make me sweat for the first time. Prior to my interview date, I had prepared myself, read about the company’s profile and rehearsed all necessary questions.

I thought I was ready until my interviewer said to me “Tell me about yourself”. For a second, I lost my voice, not because I don’t know what to say but how to put my words together.

Quite a lot of people usually recite the overview of their resume when asked to talk about themselves. This is the part where you need to show that you are beyond the paper. Here are few things to get on when asked to talk about yourself:

  1. GET PERSONAL: this is the part where you say some brief personal information that will help your interviewer to know something interesting about yourself and outside work.

  2. DON’T BE BORING: everyone has something interesting to say about themselves including you. It is important to tell your story in a memorable way e.g I just wrote my first novel, I participated in a competitive sports etc.

  3. SHOW YOUR PURPOSE AND PASSION: another way to tackle the question is to talk about what gets you up every morning. Supposing you have volunteered with an organization, this is the part where you talk about the satisfaction you derive from contributing to humanity.

Talk about the satisfaction you derive from contributing to the society, how interesting you find the weather,  how exciting to gaze at the moon in the night. These are thrilling attributes that distinguishes you.

Dear entrepreneurs, to answer the question “Tell me about yourself”; be prepared to go beyond your resume.


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