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TABITHA’S WORLD; Graceful Mini cakes

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Yeaaaaaaaah, I love small chops especially when served hot and fluffy.

Today, we have someone in the house that loves to give her best with her small chops. Lets get to meet her.

Welcome to honournaija_blog, please can we meet you??

My name is Oloruntoyin Afolabi, a graduate of University of Ilorin. I hail from Kogi state and currently I run my business.

What inspired you to start this business?

I love food and anything that goes into the mouth😆. I cook so well at home as a young girl and my mum always complement my cookings, snacks and small chops. This encouraged me to pick it up as a business.

Lovely. When did you start and for how long ma??

I started with baking and catering in 2017 but I started the production of Tabitha’s world in 2020.

What has been the challenges so far??

Well, my major challenge so far is human labour coupled with alot of stress.

What keeps pushing you through??

Wow, amidst all stress, what keeps me going is my passion. Sometimes I get all stressed up and tired and I feel like turning down customers but I still get up and bake. Also I get lovely feedbacks from my customers , that is enough push for me.

Can you say your customers has derived maximum satisfaction thus far??

Yes. With Tabitha world, they get mini cakes for #100, #200 and this gives them satisfaction because they keep craving more and keep ordering for more.

Wow, amazing. Where do you see yourself in the next 10years??

I see Tabitha’s world going all over the world, organizing trainings and workshops for people.

Beautiful. What is/are your advices to younger ones that wants to go into your kind of business??

My advices are you must have passion and give your cake signature. Above all, be diligent and commit all things to God who makes it beautiful.

Thank you so much for coming.

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